Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I think a website that needs work would be something like the website for where I work, although the people who make it don't know much about making websites, so they are working on it to make it better. I know less is more, but I feel they have too little. www.depetrillospizza.com Don't get me wrong the place is GREAT, it doesn't to the joint justice!
A website that works well would be facebook because of all the interaction. There isn't too much on one page and everything is linked to another site. You can click anything and be brought directly to a cocerning page! www.facebook.com

Response to Website article

I had never known much about what went into a design of a website until reading this article. Information flags are such a great idea. I never knew what they were called but I had seen them before. The piece about pop up windows was interesting, but the fact is, I find them annoying. I hate havng a ton of windows open if I don't have to. They can be helpful though. I agree, organization is a MUST. I hate websites where I have no idea where anything is or what anything is trying to tell me. I think the way the described the organization patterns was also kind of confusing. I think the one that would work the best would be a combined organizational structure because most websites have a lot of information and this is an easy way to get that information out to the public easily and effectively. Less is definitely more. THere are some very crazy web pages out there and it makes it hard to look at. Having the same design throughout you page will definitely help! I love pictures and graphics, so trying to keep that at a low would be difficult for me if I were to ever create a web site.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 potential posts for wikitravel page

‘’Depetrillos Pizza and Bakery’’
*Ph. 401-828-4300
*Located at 797 Tiogue Ave. Coventry, RI
Home of the original pizza party tray! Everything is made to go! People come from all over NE to get this pizza. It comes as the cold single pizza strips and in hot pizzas with almost any topping you can think of! Just call 30 minutes prior to pickup for a hot pizza. They also sell over ten kinds of calzones, white pizza strips and trays, and even homemade biscuits and cookies! Just about everything is under $20.00! For more information visit [[www.depetrillospizza.com|their website]]!

‘’Michaels Gelina’s Ice Cream’’
*Ph. 401- 826-7374
*Located on 975 Tiogue Ave. Coventry, RI
This is the best service and ice cream in the state! You want it, they have it. Whether it is soft serve or hard, a slushy, or a sundae, ice cream cookie or milk shake, cabinet or yogurt. They have it. Over 50 soft serve ice cream flavors! They can please EVERYONE. Customers are always welcomed with a smile and never left disappointed! Prices are perfectly reasonable. Some outdoor seating, but you are on a main road. Plenty of parking around the building.

‘’Dunkin’ Donuts’’
*Ph. 401- 821-8703
*Located at 800 Tiogue Ave Coventry, RI
Breakfast sandwich or bagel, munchin or donut, coffee or coolate, iced tea or iced late, they have it all. They make your coffee just the way you want it. Located on a main road, so the business is booming! The service is fast and mistakes are rarely made. Customers can order in the drive thru or inside. Parking is available all around the building. Sometimes pulling out of parking lot is a hassle. Visit [[www.dunkindonuts.com|Dunkin’s website]] for more information.

Wiki travel 3 important tips!

One of the very important tips in my opinion was that everything should be broken down into a few different pages, if possible, so that the reader wasn't overwhelemed with tons of text. I know I had that problem in my clubhouse blog and would write a lot and not break it up. It definitely makes it harder on the eyes and less likely taht someone will stay on that page.
The second tip I found that I thought was important was the wiki markup code. It isn't the same as the normal HTML code for making websites, so being linked right to a page that tells you all about that really helped. I would have no idea where to start if it wasn't for that information.
Lastly, making sure that everything is under the right category helps the reader find things faster and easier. The manual of style states the many different things that would work well under each certain category. If we didn't know that, our pages may be very jambled and confusing.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My 3 wiki travel places!

1. Coventry, RI in general
2. Depetrillo's Pizza and Bakery in Coventry, RI
3. Genlina's (Michael's) Ice Cream in Coventry, RI
I would have to create a new article for each one of these because there are not any pre-existing one's. I know these places like the back of my hand. I have lived in Coventry my whole life. My family owns Depetrillo's Pizza and Bakery. Gelina's is in my opinion one of the best ice cream places in the area and definitely worth going to if you come by!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Responce to Wiki sites

The first thing that caught my eye was that everything on wiki travel is free. You don't have to call 411 to get directions or anything like that where it would cost money, you can just click on a website and get anything at the click of your finger. From the looks of it, you can get any information you want in any language you want. On the goals and non goals page I saw that they didn't want to do things that would make the site into something personal, much like a blog. They DON'T want it to be like a travel magazine and they DON'T want that site to be about personal travel logs. I liked how everything was up to date, though.