Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Response 3

It is getting harder to think of more titles for future blogs. I hope this writers block doesn't last long. I am excited to keep going on this blog. At first, this was easy, but I can see it will have its challenges. I love talking about this subject, it is my life. I could go on forever and I just need to learn to let that flow in my writing. I got so excited to hear just good things about. One thing I just continue to look at is my blog description, I have never been that creative and I love it. I did it all on my own and it sounds as if I didn't even write it. I can see how I am growing by writing so much in this class and I hope it only gets better!

Blog Response 2

I tried to shorten my blogs like my peers suggested, but I felt like something would be missing. I had all the needed information in the blogs and cutting anything out would make it harder to understand. I can't wait to keep up with this, I feel like I can write a lot more. My first thought when I started this was, can this be anything more than personal? It has turned out that people enjoy what I am writing and that is insane.

Blog Response 1

I didn't like the colors or the layout much when I started, and my peers agreed it was dark to read. So happy with the changes now though. I was so elated to hear such good responces from the 2 group members I had over the weekend. I didn't think I was going to get that good of a responce, it isn't like I have done blogs before. There wasn't much to fix according to them, and that was great to hear. I was so mad when my video wouldn't load the other day! I had to post the link, I hope thats good enough.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Why I am credible for my enthusiasts blog!

I am definitely credible for my enthusiasts blog because not only have I done martial arts since I was about 6 years old, but I am a second degree black belt and have been competing and winning in my division on and off for about three years now. I love point fighting, or sparring as it is more often called. I am trained by my instructor who has won numerous world titles; so I know the basics... and more haha. I am more credible than just the normal martial arts fanatic, because I actually do and love the sport and have trained at countless studios with some of the best known martial artists in the state! I have many videos and pictures of my team, myself, and even my instructor and other black belts that I train with!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Clubhouse Blog response

My topic is going to be point sparring or fighting in martial arts. I guess the stimuli to which my blog entries will respond would be my competitions, competitors, maybe some pointers when it comes to point sparring, and stuff like learning how to do it?
The audience that this would attract would definitely be athletes and people who are interested in any kind of martial arts or who just like to watch it or are interested in it. If you don't have much of a like for martial arts, you may or may not like this blog. I have been told that some of the videos I have are pretty cool to watch even if you don't know what this is so it just might interest anyone with an inquiring mind :) The audience may like to read about how people point spar and how the scoring goes. They might really like to see pictures and videos I have too!
I'm not really sure what personality means in terms of a blog. I am sure I will be spending a lot of time designing the blog because I love playing with layouts and fonts. I will probably go with my team colors for karate. black, white, and red. Maybe play around with a pitbull or something because it is our symbol: Pitbulls National Karate Team.
I could title my blog: Fight cub? Haha I don't know?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clubhouse Ideas

1. Karate
2. Exercise?
3. Facebook or Twitter?
4. Friendship?
5. Education?

Response to Stefanac

I think enthusiast blogs are a great way for people to show their passion for something. Finding people who share the same craze with you can be invigorating. The friendships that could come from it might change your life. I know that sharing the same feeling for something (karate in my case) has allowed me to make some of the best friends I have ever had and I wouldn't change or want to lose any one of them. I totally agree that you can ultimately share a place of influence with the group of people you come to blog with. From the critics to the fellow enthusiasts, the inspiration and growth you will come out with will be uplifting. The thing that totally makes an enthusiast blog is exactly what Suzanne said; the author is usually one who genuinely has an undieng love for the topic they are writing about.
When Suzanne started talking about advice for writers of enthusiast blogs, the first thing she mentioned (and last thing) caught my eye because I could totally relate. Being so in love with karate like I am, I know exactly how it can feel to get sick of something when you do it so often; but what prevents me from feeling this way is the fact that I continue to do this sport because I love it! It doesn't matter if there is a reward for winning my division and then going on to win grands. I would do this sport for as long as I could regardless. Everything has to be your own but at the same time catch the attention of the other enthusiasts. That can be hard. Just like in a form you compete with at karate, you want the blog to show your personality. The more creative and interesting you are and the more your show yourself through your writing; the easier it will be to keep your audience.
It was great to get advice from someone who was kind of a celebrity in the blog world. Getting started in anything can be hard, but hearing how to get through it from someone who has been there is helpful. Bloggers don't stop blogging just because something isn't selling on their blogs. They don't get discouraged, instead they keep doing it for love. That is a great lesson to learn and live buy. Just like anyone else, bloggers have inspiration too. Favorite blogs that they may get ideas from or inspiration through they are passionate about. I know that feeling. I love that feeling. When you are so comfortable about something the idea and raw emotion just flows out of you. It shows in any type of work or in any type of competition or sport.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog about Blog's

As I have kind of mentioned before in the Response to Rebecca Blood, I have never really had a blog or any kind of online journal but I do have a MYSPACE, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK. They are almost like the new age blogs because they serve somewhat of the same purpose. On facebook you can post your status as whatever you want. You can tell people what you are doing at the moment or you can even put song lyrics in it that describe how you are feeling or how your day is going. You can even comment on other friend's status's or anything else they might post. Facebook is a lot more creative than many of the blog's I have seen but it is amazing the kind of things that have evolved from the simple blog. Myspace is very similar to facebook but it has a place where you can just post an actual blog. It is part of your profile and people can leave comments on it as well. Twitter, which is kind of the newest of the three is a site where you can post, or tweet anything and everything you are doing or feeling! The only blogs I have ever looked at or read have been facebook, myspace, and twitter. Back a few years ago, livejournal was pretty popular but I really never got into it. Xanga was also something like a blog where you could post enrties about your day. I was actually really into that because you could change the layout and text any way you wanted! Designing the layouts for things is really fun for me because I think it makes the whole post. I can honestly say that after experiencing blogs even just for the past few days, I have become very interested in them. I can see my writing change and grow each and every time I post. I think I might get addicted!

Response to Rebecca Blood

Not even half way into this article you can see how fast growing the 'blog' has been. In not even a year the blog interested so many people that one even began learning HTML codes for fun and using off work hours to keep creating. This short piece of the article made me think about the video we saw in class on the first day. The video showed us how incredibly fast the computer came into play and how now we depend of it for some many different things. Not only is it now for entertainment and personal use for things such as blogs; but it is now used for work purposes at minor and major companies and even in the home. It is amazing to see that people took it upon themselves to learn the HTML codes so that they could keep processing weblogs. Without that desire to learn something new, only people who had gone on to education about computers and so on would be able to create a webblog.
Weblog editors seem to be able to pick and chose the way they want their content to be seen; and even how or what part of other's content is seen by the 'surfer'. Everything is pre-surfed. Also, webloggers are picking and choosing different parts of important articles or essays (for example) and other things that are commonly overlooked by the surfer. They are adding their commentary about a subject they may not even fully understand. What if the weblogger (publisher) decided they wanted to put their own thoughts into an article from a prestigious medical website (or something like that). The common surfer may overlook the full article and only find the webblog of the person who has decided to add their own commentary to something they may hardly know anything about. That scares me a little. I feel that the blog should be used to more personal things, but freedom of speech comes into play there.
The weblog grew and more and more people began to blog. The blog shortly turned into a short journal (blog style weblog). Instead of writing a diary or journal in a notebook, it was online where anyone could see it and respond to it. It became a conversation online much like AIM. The short journals online have since become very similar to that of FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, and TWITTER. I have all 3 of the before mentioned websites and I can see a lot of similarities in them and those of the webblog. I can update my status and let everyone who has me as a friend see what I am doing and add my own personal commentary to anything on the site (even that written by a friend or family member). Myspace even had a space where you could write a blog. I could have updated it everyday if I wanted to or even twice or three times a day. On Twitter, people can see what you are doing at any moment of the day, all they have to do is read your profile and all the tweets that have been submitted by you. People with Twitters commonly tweet maybe ten times or more a day! The weblog has lead to so many different ways of communication and writing but I can see a privacy issue emerging. Still, the creativity and personality in every type or blog or website that is similar is great and I love the way things have evolved over the years.
I can see her point in the filtered webblog being that it minimizes time for those who don't have time to surf the web to its full extent. I mean who really has that kind of time. Although, the problem with that is the accuracy of the information you are reading. You may get the information you want but with the added commentary and biases from the blogger.
I completely agree with what she said about how blogging everyday can increase the confidence in one's writing. Just over the past few days after being in this writing class I can see that I am writing more and more and each time I write it gets easier. I am still no where near where I need or want to be with my writing but I think getting criticism and things of that sort are essential when you want to grow in your writing. Blogs are exactly the kind of thing you should do when you are looking for growth and encouragement.

Friday, September 11, 2009

What is writing?

To me, writing is a lot of different things. Writing is certainly a way of expressing yourself. It can be in the form of song lyrics, poems, essays, books or stories, and even blog or journal entries. Writing can bring you to any place you want to be. It can get feelings out, relieve stress, get a point across, or even be just for fun and enjoyment for you and/or other people. Writing can be creative and fiction or it can be raw and real. Journals or blogs are things that are either private or public and can certainly be personal. I like to think of writing as a way to get your feelings or ideas out on paper (or electronically). It is a way for you to connect with people; to show them what you are really thinking, when it may not always be visible.
Writing environments: My room with music on or my dorm while I am here at school. Outside can always be a great place to write when the weather is perfect.