Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Response to Website article

I had never known much about what went into a design of a website until reading this article. Information flags are such a great idea. I never knew what they were called but I had seen them before. The piece about pop up windows was interesting, but the fact is, I find them annoying. I hate havng a ton of windows open if I don't have to. They can be helpful though. I agree, organization is a MUST. I hate websites where I have no idea where anything is or what anything is trying to tell me. I think the way the described the organization patterns was also kind of confusing. I think the one that would work the best would be a combined organizational structure because most websites have a lot of information and this is an easy way to get that information out to the public easily and effectively. Less is definitely more. THere are some very crazy web pages out there and it makes it hard to look at. Having the same design throughout you page will definitely help! I love pictures and graphics, so trying to keep that at a low would be difficult for me if I were to ever create a web site.

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