Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wiki travel 3 important tips!

One of the very important tips in my opinion was that everything should be broken down into a few different pages, if possible, so that the reader wasn't overwhelemed with tons of text. I know I had that problem in my clubhouse blog and would write a lot and not break it up. It definitely makes it harder on the eyes and less likely taht someone will stay on that page.
The second tip I found that I thought was important was the wiki markup code. It isn't the same as the normal HTML code for making websites, so being linked right to a page that tells you all about that really helped. I would have no idea where to start if it wasn't for that information.
Lastly, making sure that everything is under the right category helps the reader find things faster and easier. The manual of style states the many different things that would work well under each certain category. If we didn't know that, our pages may be very jambled and confusing.

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