Friday, September 11, 2009

What is writing?

To me, writing is a lot of different things. Writing is certainly a way of expressing yourself. It can be in the form of song lyrics, poems, essays, books or stories, and even blog or journal entries. Writing can bring you to any place you want to be. It can get feelings out, relieve stress, get a point across, or even be just for fun and enjoyment for you and/or other people. Writing can be creative and fiction or it can be raw and real. Journals or blogs are things that are either private or public and can certainly be personal. I like to think of writing as a way to get your feelings or ideas out on paper (or electronically). It is a way for you to connect with people; to show them what you are really thinking, when it may not always be visible.
Writing environments: My room with music on or my dorm while I am here at school. Outside can always be a great place to write when the weather is perfect.

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