Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Response to Stefanac

I think enthusiast blogs are a great way for people to show their passion for something. Finding people who share the same craze with you can be invigorating. The friendships that could come from it might change your life. I know that sharing the same feeling for something (karate in my case) has allowed me to make some of the best friends I have ever had and I wouldn't change or want to lose any one of them. I totally agree that you can ultimately share a place of influence with the group of people you come to blog with. From the critics to the fellow enthusiasts, the inspiration and growth you will come out with will be uplifting. The thing that totally makes an enthusiast blog is exactly what Suzanne said; the author is usually one who genuinely has an undieng love for the topic they are writing about.
When Suzanne started talking about advice for writers of enthusiast blogs, the first thing she mentioned (and last thing) caught my eye because I could totally relate. Being so in love with karate like I am, I know exactly how it can feel to get sick of something when you do it so often; but what prevents me from feeling this way is the fact that I continue to do this sport because I love it! It doesn't matter if there is a reward for winning my division and then going on to win grands. I would do this sport for as long as I could regardless. Everything has to be your own but at the same time catch the attention of the other enthusiasts. That can be hard. Just like in a form you compete with at karate, you want the blog to show your personality. The more creative and interesting you are and the more your show yourself through your writing; the easier it will be to keep your audience.
It was great to get advice from someone who was kind of a celebrity in the blog world. Getting started in anything can be hard, but hearing how to get through it from someone who has been there is helpful. Bloggers don't stop blogging just because something isn't selling on their blogs. They don't get discouraged, instead they keep doing it for love. That is a great lesson to learn and live buy. Just like anyone else, bloggers have inspiration too. Favorite blogs that they may get ideas from or inspiration through they are passionate about. I know that feeling. I love that feeling. When you are so comfortable about something the idea and raw emotion just flows out of you. It shows in any type of work or in any type of competition or sport.

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