Saturday, September 19, 2009

Clubhouse Blog response

My topic is going to be point sparring or fighting in martial arts. I guess the stimuli to which my blog entries will respond would be my competitions, competitors, maybe some pointers when it comes to point sparring, and stuff like learning how to do it?
The audience that this would attract would definitely be athletes and people who are interested in any kind of martial arts or who just like to watch it or are interested in it. If you don't have much of a like for martial arts, you may or may not like this blog. I have been told that some of the videos I have are pretty cool to watch even if you don't know what this is so it just might interest anyone with an inquiring mind :) The audience may like to read about how people point spar and how the scoring goes. They might really like to see pictures and videos I have too!
I'm not really sure what personality means in terms of a blog. I am sure I will be spending a lot of time designing the blog because I love playing with layouts and fonts. I will probably go with my team colors for karate. black, white, and red. Maybe play around with a pitbull or something because it is our symbol: Pitbulls National Karate Team.
I could title my blog: Fight cub? Haha I don't know?

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