Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog about Blog's

As I have kind of mentioned before in the Response to Rebecca Blood, I have never really had a blog or any kind of online journal but I do have a MYSPACE, TWITTER, and FACEBOOK. They are almost like the new age blogs because they serve somewhat of the same purpose. On facebook you can post your status as whatever you want. You can tell people what you are doing at the moment or you can even put song lyrics in it that describe how you are feeling or how your day is going. You can even comment on other friend's status's or anything else they might post. Facebook is a lot more creative than many of the blog's I have seen but it is amazing the kind of things that have evolved from the simple blog. Myspace is very similar to facebook but it has a place where you can just post an actual blog. It is part of your profile and people can leave comments on it as well. Twitter, which is kind of the newest of the three is a site where you can post, or tweet anything and everything you are doing or feeling! The only blogs I have ever looked at or read have been facebook, myspace, and twitter. Back a few years ago, livejournal was pretty popular but I really never got into it. Xanga was also something like a blog where you could post enrties about your day. I was actually really into that because you could change the layout and text any way you wanted! Designing the layouts for things is really fun for me because I think it makes the whole post. I can honestly say that after experiencing blogs even just for the past few days, I have become very interested in them. I can see my writing change and grow each and every time I post. I think I might get addicted!

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  1. After writing my response and looking at this one I realized I completely forgot about all of those sites. I guess you could say they are ways of blogging but I never really looked at them that way. I think Twitter pushes the limit of being called a blog though. Twitter maybe a social network but I thought twitter focused on status updates and things like that. I personally don't have a twitter so I could be wrong. Myspace and Facebook thought I would agree that they are a way of keeping in touch and sharing ideas that others might enjoy as well.