Sunday, November 15, 2009

It is true. In the first article we do see how status obsessed, etc our society has become, only giving us a small insight to how bad things are going to be in the future. We don't necessarily know if it will be a bad thing, but computers are slowly taking over. It almost shows us house society is so based on looks and the superficial things in people, which we know can't be good. It also doesn't matter what status you have, you can show what you want to show and let people only see what you want them to see, almost as if hiding you imperfections and showing your assets. More stress is put on the girls. You don't see people getting all mad about guys in provocative poses, just the women. People are now focusing on conversations and social interaction with people they already know, rather than spending their time talking in chat rooms with total strangers, potentially endangering themselves.
In the second article, it is argued that less time is focused on important groups and parties, but on things that aren't so important. It isn't things such as dthe governemtn and politics getting people's attention, but rather topics of less imporatnce and more relevant to the person. Self actualizing citizens focus on social networking and social contact with other people. The social networking websites have since made public issue sites more popular. Schoold are afraid to introduce a new learning environment because of what could come from it. Normal people to people communities are now forming into online communities of people. IT is hard to see what kind of youth is attracted to what kind of online environement. Adults, who aren't as familiar with the new social networking sites as the youths are..should sit back and learn from what happens. I almost disagree, because how else will you learn about something that is slowly taking over the world, in any aspect. It is imortant that they learn how to do certain things and why certain things have such a positive effect on people.

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