Sunday, November 1, 2009


My group is working out great. Everyong knows what they are supposed to be doing ande everyone is doing their part. Andrew is working on the site maps, Lauren is working with google sites, Keith is working with her on the google sites and focusing on the landing page I believe, and I am working on the letter we will be sendng to the owner of the site suggesting what should be done. I have a lot to add to the letter and feel that I have enough information to go into the depth that my group has suggested I go into and that it is a great idea. We all have had great ideas for the site. The colors work out well and the site is just so much less jumbled than it was in the original. I hope that the owner see's the progress and agrees that some changed are necessary. We have been working on this all weekend and are happy with how it is coming out.

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